Polk County— Polk Reads

Project Highlights The Polk Reads program placed tutors at low-performing elementary schools in Polk County (schools with grade of C, D or F) to provide one-on-one tutoring to K-3 students the school identifies as struggling readers.  The tutors, in collaboration with the teachers, provide one-on-one tutoring to students for 30 minutes, three times a week. […]

Marion County- Kinder Tool Kits

Project Highlights Each year there are many Marion County kindergarten students who come to school lacking readiness skills and are starting school already behind their peers. For example, at seven our local elementary schools, the majority of the kindergarten students scored non- proficient on the statewide September AIMS Web Testing assessment. The goal of this […]

Miami-Dade County— SmartPath to College

Project Highlights The Education Fund’s SmartPath to College program aims to change the environment, curriculum and culture of eight high-need public high schools to feature a consistent emphasis on postsecondary opportunities as a way to ensure students enroll in college and have the requisite skills to persist and eventually earn a post-secondary degree. SmartPath has […]

Lee County— Collegium for the Advancement of Education

Project Highlights   Collegium for the Advancement of Education is a program that shares Best Practices for excellence in teaching based on the integration of the Sterling and Glasser models of Quality Training. Teachers trained in this philosophy develop ways to examine data, set and monitor goals, and utilize quality tools in the classroom. The […]

St. Johns County- Carlisle IT and St. Johns Technical High School Manufacturing Internship and Career/Tech Programs

Project Highlights   St. Johns Technical High School (SJTHS) continues to build business partnerships throughout the community to provide underserved and at risk high school students with industry relevant job skills for future employment.  The Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (IT) Manufacturing Internship Program as well as SJTHS’s Career and Technical Ed programs, such as the Academy […]

Seminole County – Girls Discovering STEM Connections

Project Highlights   Seminole County Public Schools, in collaboration with local STEM industries, implemented Girls Discovering STEM Connections, a series of career exploration camps, during the first semester of the 2015-2016 school year. The program responded to a need by school districts across the nation to engage female students in the career fields of Science, […]

Orange County – Math, Science, Energy Education and STEM Partnership Teacher Grants Program

Project Highlights The Math, Science, Energy Education, and STEM Partnership Teacher Grants Program offered teachers from kindergarten through 12th grade up to $3,000 for equipment and/or materials to increase students’ interest and understanding of science, mathematics, and energy education. Grants were awarded through a competitive process with preference given to innovative projects that included objectives […]

Martin County – Re-Engineering Algebra

Project Highlights The Education Foundation of Martin County (EFMC) is Re-Engineering Algebra. That’s right. We’re busy answering the age old question posed by algebra students everywhere, “When am I ever going to use Algebra?” We’ve been bringing engineers into middle and high school algebra classrooms across Martin County to engage students in a problem solving […]

Brevard County – Supply Zone for Teachers

Project Highlights Learning from successful models by other CFEF members, Brevard Schools Foundation opened their free store for teachers to obtain supplies for their classrooms and needy students at no cost. Overwhelmingly, teachers report their access to needed supplies helps them and their students do a better job in the classroom. The Supply Zone for Teachers is a resource center […]

Collier- Real World Learning Model – Golden Gate High

Project Highlights The Real World Learning Model was a collaborative effort between Champions for Learning, Golden Gate High School (GGHS), Collier County Public Schools and many community partners and volunteers. This initiative provided students and their families with the information and resources needed to graduate from high school, attend college and make a successful transition […]