Lee County — Student Advocacy and Mentoring Program

Project Highlights

Lee County Student Advocacy and Mentoring Student Advocacy & Mentoring Program (STAMP) works with 22 at-risk, low income students in nine Lee County high schools. Many of these students face hard challenges in their lives. Many come from single parent families who are struggling to support themselves. Working with the Foundation’s resources and an assigned mentor are keys to the success of the program. This program begins in ninth grade and continues through high school and includes the transition into college or technical training. The program is based on the principle that given extensive support, motivation and accountability, students will work hard to ensure they graduate from high school and attain either a college degree or technical training for a prosperous future.

Our evaluation plan for the mentor coordinator is:

  • Ensure she meets with mentors via training sessions workshops, phone or e-mail (on-going process)
  • Hold networking sessions for mentors and track comments and concerns (on-going process)
  • Collect data on percentage of mentors who remain with the program