Miami-Dade County— SmartPath to College

Project Highlights

The Education Fund’s SmartPath to College program aims to change the environment, curriculum and culture of miami 2eight high-need public high schools to feature a consistent emphasis on postsecondary opportunities as a way to ensure students enroll in college and have the requisite skills to persist and eventually earn a post-secondary degree.

SmartPath has successfully created a model focusing on high expectations, academic rigor and partnership-building within schools.  SmartPath serves eight senior high schools, with a combined student population of 12,756. School teams are trained to effect change through: teacher training, team building, gap analysis, and asset building; direct college awareness and access activities for students; and outreach to parents focusing on financial aid options.

Outcomes for this year include: 100% of project participants reported learning something new about careers, setting goals, or college; and 89% of project participants showed increased interest in graduating high school.