Miami — Dade- Plant A Thousand Gardens: Collaborative Nutrition Initiative (CNI)

Project Highlights

Plant a thousand gardens CNI Miami DadeThis project used edible gardens as outdoor laboratories, integrated into all subject areas, in order to improve student achievement in Miami-Dade County Public Schools. The program’s success has been well documented through the development and use of comprehensive evaluation protocols, including pre- and post-surveys of students, teachers and parents, food-recall instruments and focus groups. Each year, both a formative (mid-year) and a summative (year-end) report is compiled. Replete with anecdotes, tabulations and analysis, these reports proved to be extremely useful and valuable in measuring the program’s progress and as a planning aid for future growth.

End-of-the-year surveys indicated that 93% of our CNI teachers expressed confidence in their ability to continue CNI activities in their schools next year with 95% satisfied with the program as implemented. Data from the summative evaluation confirms CNI had a positive increase in students’ academic achievement as 73% of students showed an increase in their knowledge of science through the administration of pre- and post-tests.