St. Johns County- Carlisle IT and St. Johns Technical High School Manufacturing Internship and Career/Tech Programs

Project Highlights


St. Johns Technical High School (SJTHS) continues to build business partnerships throughout the community to provide underserved and at risk high school students with industry relevant job skills for future employment.  The Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (IT) Manufacturing Internship Program as well as SJTHS’s Career and Technical Ed programs, such as the Academy of Coastal and Water Resources, are giving students the valuable skills needed to pursue higher wage jobs thereby, helping these students break out of their lower socioeconomic status.

The Carlisle IT Internship is a platform to introduce high school students to the various aspects of manufacturing technologies and gives them hands-on, industry relevant experience.  SJTHS students are also learning essential jobs skills in the water treatment and environmental sciences to pursue STEM careers through the Academy of Coastal and Water Resources.  These comprehensive curriculums give students life skills and confidence to succeed in the workplace.  The most significant outcome for our students is their employability and success in their prospective industry after graduation.

Lower performing students were given the opportunity to learn real life skills and have the ability to compete for higher wage/higher skilled jobs upon graduation.

Outcome Measure for the Carlisle Internship:  100% of the student interns had an increase in their GPA from last year to this school year.  The student interns know if they start falling behind in school that they will need to remain back at school and not be able to work their internship at Carlisle.  Student interns kept up their academics so that they were able to continue in their Carlisle Internship.

Carlisle engaged 19 of their employees with the internship program this school year.  The program is STEM based and helps advance student achievement in career/technical education.

Outcome Measures for the Academy of Coastal and Water Resources:  79% of the Academy students maintained or increased their GPAs from last year to this year. Lower performing students were exposed to many aspects of the water industry via guest speakers, field trips, internships, job shadowing, internships and apprenticeships provided by the Academy’s business partners.