Champions for Learning – Real World Learning Model

Champions for Learning, Collier County

“Real World Learning Model: College & Career Prep Program”

The Real World Learning Model (RWLM) is a collaboration between Champions For Learning, Collier County Public Schools, and community partners/volunteers. This program provides students in this economically-needy district with tools to graduate high school, earn a post-secondary education, and transition into the workforce. During 2016-17, the program was expanded to serve eight high schools in the district and a partnership with Future Ready Collier–a group of over 45 organizations focused on getting students college/career ready—was established. Many students in this district would be able to receive financial assistance and have a clear path to post-secondary education and their career goals, but many don’t because families lack the knowledge of the resources available to assist with paying for post-secondary education. This then leads to the students not pursuing a degree or taking out a costly student loans that can cause a tremendous amount of debt. 100% of 12th grade participants graduated from high school and have a plan after high school graduation and 100% of 11th grade participants reported they intend to graduate.

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