Hardee County — Not a Gift…a Skill

Project Highlights

Hardee County - not a gift a skillHardee District Elementary teachers created or participated in grade specific seasonal and curricular projects during the 2013-2014 school year. From October through April, a specific grade (K-6) collaborated in their classrooms, across the district, and unexpectedly, the world!

The projects integrated technology appropriate for the grade level, including interactive White Boards, Google Docs, Edmodo, AnswerGarden, “Projects by Jen” and variations of these resources. The selection was based on using the most appropriate devices to support the curriculum. Teachers shared professionally through online blogs and chats.

The teachers chosen to collaborate were specifically recommended by administrators for their leadership ability and credibility with their peers. The Pacing Guide teachers were an expansion of the groups. With 95% of project participants showing changes in behavior of their teaching method, the outcomes in collaboration and cooperation of this group exceeded all objectives.