Lee County— Collegium for the Advancement of Education

Project Highlights


Collegium for the Advancement of Education is a program that shares Best Practices for excellence in teaching based on the integration of the Sterling and Glasser models of Quality Training. Teachers trained in this philosophy develop ways to examine data, set and monitor goals, and utilize quality tools in the classroom. The program provides strategies for increasing students achievement by helping students to evaluate and make responsible choices. Statistics have shown that teachers who invest in the training and adopt these methods in their classroom are able to provide higher quality education to their students. The goals of the program are improved communication, productivity, and effectiveness in teaching.

The program serves to provide teachers and administrators with the psychological background on how and why children behave the way they do. This course combines psychology, effective teaching, leadership skills, and intervention strategies to provide a long-term successful approach for classroom management and student achievement. More than thirty hours of intense training takes place from Monday through Saturday as two certified Sterling/Glasser consultants engage the participating educators using PowerPoint slides, “consensograms,”data walls, data graphs, questioning process, and affinity diagrams. Teachers who have participated in the program return to their schools equipped to train other teachers in these methods.

Measured outcomes included: 100% of project participants showed increased knowledge about teaching in general; 100% of project participants showed changes in behavior in their teaching method; and 93% of project participants showed improved attitude toward teaching.