Marion County- Kinder Tool Kits

Project Highlights

Marion Evergreen_2Each year there are many Marion County kindergarten students who come to school lacking readiness skills and are starting school already behind their peers. For example, at seven our local elementary schools, the majority of the kindergarten students scored non- proficient on the statewide September AIMS Web Testing assessment. The goal of this grant was to help teachers more effectively partner with kindergarten parents to erase this deficit.

Each of the seven targeted elementary schools held a kindergarten parent night to teach the parents how to effectively engage with their children and help promote kindergarten skills at home. Each parent who attended received a Kinder Tool Kit filled with supplies to help promote learning at home. Parents who did not attend the training could meet with their child’s kindergarten teacher one-on-one for training and to receive the Tool Kit.

93% of project participants showed increased interest in performing well in school as assessed through Independent Reading Level Assessment Framework.