Martin County – Re-Engineering Algebra

Project Highlights

Martin County Re-Engineering Algebra image 2The Education Foundation of Martin County (EFMC) is Re-Engineering Algebra. That’s right. We’re busy answering the age old question posed by algebra students everywhere, “When am I ever going to use Algebra?” We’ve been bringing engineers into middle and high school algebra classrooms across Martin County to engage students in a problem solving workshop where they are exercising their critical thinking skills while exploring the real life application of algebra to the world around them.

The objective is to show the everyday value of algebra and to encourage the pursuit of advanced math and science. Students are introduced to the engineering profession while learning the application of algebraic concepts. Applied math content includes fractions, ratios and percentages, estimation by proportional reasoning to verify computed results; using variables to develop Martin County Re-engineering Algebra imageequations that work as conditions vary; applying standard problem-solving techniques including understanding the problem, analyzing and interpreting data, and presenting different strategies and solutions to compare and critique.

Nearly all (98%) of participants showed increased interest in STEM education and 100% of teachers, school and district administrators, and business partners felt this was a positive experience for all stakeholders.