Brevard County – Supply Zone for Teachers

Project Highlights

Learning from successful models by other CFEF members, Brevard Schools Foundation opened their free store for teachers to obtain supplies for their classrooms and needy students at no cost.

Overwhelmingly, teachers report their access to needed supplies helps them and their students do a better job in the classroom.

The Supply Zone for Teachers is a resource center that provides free school supplies for those who need them most. This “store” is stocked entirely through donations and is located in the re-purposed media center at the former Clearlake Middle School, which was closed because of budget cuts.

The Supply Zone’s mission is to serve the educational and creative needs of children in Brevard Public Schools by providing free school supplies to teachers for use in the classroom.

Without these supplies, students have difficulties performing to their full potential. But when teachers have free access to the tools they need, their students have a much better chance to learn, achieve, and succeed in school.