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New strategies and initiatives to maximize positive community impact

Re-Engineering Algebra (Martin County, FL)

Martin-Re-Engineering-AlgebraThrough the Education Foundation of Martin County’s Re-Engineering Algebra program, local engineers and teachers work together to develop interactive lessons designed to introduce the engineering profession and promote understanding of critical algebraic concepts through their application to real-world situations. Students are designing traffic patterns and water retention ponds, and learning about nutrient loading and flight mission fuel burn calculations — all while learning algebra in a context that makes it real and connected to careers.

Community Conversations for Education

Community_Conversation_logoSt. Johns community members, parents and teachers had the opportunity to share their aspirations for their students through a series of 8 facilitated conversations hosted by INK (Investing in Kids) – the local education foundation.

Education foundation leaders received training through the CFEF and the Harwood Institute for Public Innovation on the process of ‘turning outward’ to receive input with a goal of helping improve outcomes for students. District personnel are thoughtfully listening to input.

“We’ve covered topics such as what initially drew families to live in St. Johns County, what are some challenges we face within our county and the school system, and what our ‘perfect’ school would look like,” said Meredith Strickland, Executive Director for Educational Support Services for the school district. “I am energized by what passion the parents and community members bring to the conversations and what great ideas and solutions we have heard. We are always open to growth and development with our school system and the ideas generated from these meetings will certainly be shared, analyzed and discussed.”

Facilitating Teacher Learning

When businesses host teacher externships over the summer, there is an exponential impact on student learning in the school year. Businesses can augment teacher content area knowledge – particularly in the STEM arena – and help them develop the applied learning lessons so critical for student engagement and deeper learning.

Click here for slides from Florida Power and Light (FPL) for the outline of how they are hosting Palm Beach County school teachers in the areas of Computer Science, Physics, Math and Engineering Technology who are working side-by-side with engineers who specialize in software development. They are working side-by-side with engineers who specialize in software development.

A new Palm Beach County STEM Council is placing teachers in several businesses throughout the county this summer in paid one month positions. Each teacher will be mentored by an area university or college professor who will help them develop curriculum related to their experiences to take back to their classroom.

Champions for Learning – the Education Foundation of Collier county – is listening to teacher input on the need to be connected to the “real world” and creating community-based professional learning opportunities where teachers are immersed in workplace environments to collaborate with other educators and business partners in building strategies to connect students with “on the job” expectations.

Engage in Education (Marion County, FL)

engage-in-education-screenshotIn order to continuously improve public education for students and create a stronger, healthier community, the Public Education Foundation of Marion County developed a movement to create a sense of ownership by all stakeholders in their district to find solutions and drive results. This ongoing movement keeps community members involved and allows them to make a difference in their public education system.