Nobody Knows Teaching Like Teachers

Throughout this booklet you’ll find stories from teachers about what motivates them and encourages them to develop and grow in their profession.  We think their voices and perspectives are worth sharing as we all strive to support and value our classroom educators!

What Helps Teachers Improve & Grow?

It seems intuitive that if we are expecting more from our students today, we are also expecting more from our teachers.  We also believe that when teachers improve their instructional practice it will result in student growth. But what do we really know about what professional development results in the best outcomes for students?  This […]

StateImpact Florida

A project of NPR member stations, StateImpact Florida is dedicated to examining how state policy and issues in the education field affect people and communities.

The EdFly

This blog is a running source of news and commentary about education reform from across the nation and from various news sources. The site is updated daily to include the must up-to-date information about education.

Re-Engineering Algebra (Martin County, FL)

Through the Education Foundation of Martin County’s Re-Engineering Algebra program, local engineers and teachers work together to develop interactive lessons designed to introduce the engineering profession and promote understanding of critical algebraic concepts through their application to real-world situations. Students are designing traffic patterns and water retention ponds, and learning about nutrient loading and flight […]

Community Conversations for Education

St. Johns community members, parents and teachers had the opportunity to share their aspirations for their students through a series of 8 facilitated conversations hosted by INK (Investing in Kids) – the local education foundation. Education foundation leaders received training through the CFEF and the Harwood Institute for Public Innovation on the process of ‘turning outward’ […]

Turn the Channel to Teaching

Teachers turn to The Teaching Channel to watch, share and learn diverse techniques to help every student grow. The site includes a video showcase of inspiring and effective teaching practices in America’s schools.

CPALMS — Where Florida Educators Go to Get Bright Ideas

This resource for teachers offers thousands of standards-aligned, high-quality instructional/educational materials for free. Also available are 16 state-of-the-art curriculum planning and professional development applications and tools to help educators.

Florida Wins – What You Need To Know.

Check out and share this 2 ½ minute video — the Florida Chamber’s case statement for why Education is the key driver for moving Florida forward!