Facilitating Teacher Learning

When businesses host teacher externships over the summer, there is an exponential impact on student learning in the school year. Businesses can augment teacher content area knowledge – particularly in the STEM arena – and help them develop the applied learning lessons so critical for student engagement and deeper learning. Click here for slides from […]

Summer Brain Gain

There is no other time of the year when education inequities are greater in the U.S. than in the summer months. Learn about a model program by the Boys & Girls Clubs of America to not only avoid the “summer slide” but turn that valuable time into a Brain Gain opportunity through this free on-demand […]

Report: How Closing Achievement Gap Will Boost Economy

Read this article from the Washington Center for Equitable Growth concerning a study that calculates the benefits of raising the educational achievement of children over the next 35 and 60 years.

Coding is Elementary!

The good news: Florida is one of 25 states where computer science can count towards high school graduation math or science requirements.  Computer science is a high-demand, high-wage field where jobs are growing at 2x the national average. The challenge: Less than 2.4% of college students graduate with a degree in computer science and K-12 […]

Check Out This Free Digital Library!

From VPK to GED students – robust on-demand resources for teachers, parents and students are available through the easy-to-use Florida PBS Learning Media Library. Check it out and share it with others! National partners like the Smithsonian, Library of Congress and the Khan Academy as well as PBS programs like NOVA and Nature are all […]

Teachers Try Science

Building our state’s next generation of innovators requires great science teachers who can inspire and motivate students through project-based learning. Check out this resource for free and engaging lessons powered by IBM. What Is Project-Based Learning? Project-based learning is an instructional strategy in which students explore real-world problems and challenges hands-on. Research has shown that […]

A Look Inside the New Florida Standards

You can easily review each math and English/language arts standard by grade level in this new website from the Florida Department of Education.