What are Education Foundations? Education Foundations are 501 (c) (3) organizations that serve as conduits for private sector investment in public schools. These organizations solicit, manage and invest donations from individuals, corporations and foundations for the benefit of your public schools. These donations fund programs that are NOT supported through tax dollars.

How can I find the Education Foundation in my community? Please visit here for a listing of most Education Foundations in Florida or contact the Consortium of Florida Education Foundations at tracyburger@cfef.net for more information on your county’s Education Foundation.

Why is the Florida Education License Plate important?
Revenues generated from the sale of the Florida Education License Plate will enhance educational programs that are not funded by tax dollars. These dollars directly benefit students, teachers and classrooms in a variety of ways.

How much does the plate cost?
The Florida Education License Plate has an annual use donation of $20, which is in addition to the standard license plate fee.

Where does my $20 donation go?
All funds raised by the Florida Education License Plate stay in the county where the tag is purchased. The funds will directly benefit the students and teachers in your public school district.

What kinds of projects will the revenues fund?
Revenues generated from the sale of the Florida Education License Plate fund initiatives such as:

How much money do you hope to raise annually?
Our goal is to generate more than one million dollars a year through the license tag sales. This would mean 50,000 Florida automobiles would proudly display their “Support for Education” Florida Education License Plates.