1 to 1 Match

A Proven Strategy for Increasing Private-Sector Investment
and Driving Innovation in Florida’s Classrooms

Since 2001, the State of Florida has appropriated nearly $52 million to the Consortium for the School District Education Foundation Matching Grant Program – leveraging public funds to provide a $1 for $1 match to encourage private-sector investment and involvement for locally driven initiatives to advance student achievement.

Local education foundations work year-round to raise their cash match through corporate and foundation grants, fundraising events and individual contributions. A testimony to how valued the work of educations: Teachers and other school employees contribute more than $800,000 annually to their local education foundation through voluntary payroll deduction!

In 2019-20, $5 million in matching funds supported 128 projects in 64 school districts with the Consortium accountable to the Florida Department of Education for all deliverables including reporting of measurable outcomes for each funded initiative.

These locally developed projects focus on one of more of these priority areas:

  • Literacy Initiatives
  • Low Performing Students
  • Increasing Graduation Rates
  • Teaching Quality
  • Career and Technical Education
  • STEM Education



Senator Kelli Stargel, District 22 (center) with Susan Copeland, Polk Education Foundation and Carman Cullen-Batt, Education Foundation of Lake County

Power of 1:1 Match: Food Forests for Schools

The Education Fund of Miami-Dade leverages School District Education Foundation Matching Grant Program funds with private contributions for a first-in-the-nation, large-scale initiative designed to increase student science achievement while improving their eating behavior. The program has created “Food Forests” at 25 schools, where learning comes alive as students plant, maintain, observe, explore, and harvest.

Each school’s Food Forest features winding paths between trees, bushes, vines, and plants. Superfoods like moringa, with more calcium and protein than milk, and Barbados cherries, with one cherry having the Vitamin C of 18 oranges that thrive in the subtropical environment are featured.

Produce is used in school meals and families also benefit through “harvest bags” of produce coming home with students and cooking workshops featuring the healthy, student-grown food.


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