AT&T ‘STEM@Work’

Students to Experience ‘STEM@Work’ Through AT&T

For the eighth year in a row AT&T is partnering with the Consortium of Florida Education Foundations to support student achievement in STEM areas.  The CFEF received $100,000 to provide $2,000 grants to local education foundations to create real-world, hands-on learning experiences in the classroom to connect students with actual STEM professionals and careers through AT&T funding.

Since 2010, a total of $785,000 of AT&T funding has had the following impact:

From creating human-powered submarines to launching model rockets to propagating nematodes, each project varies depending on the goals and workplace partners involved. AT&T funds are used to provide supplies, equipment and transportation to make each classroom vision a reality.

This year 47 grants have been funded to provide creative learning opportunities that had a measurable impact on student understanding of STEM curriculum and interest in future STEM careers.

Check out the 2016-17 AT&T STEM@Work Project Report HERE!