Responding to Students in Need

Florida Education Foundations Act as ‘Second Responders’ in Hurricane Recovery & Help New Students From Puerto Rico

Satellite Image of a hurricane off the Florida coast

In Florida’s own time of need when Hurricane Irma swept through the state in September 2017, local education foundations collectively raised more than $1 million in support for impacted students, teachers and schools.  Then, with more than 11,000 Hurricane Maria evacuees enrolling in Florida public schools from Puerto Rico and other devastated areas in the Caribbean, many shifted their focus to making sure these vulnerable students had what they needed to be successful in their new schools.

Helios Education Foundation Helps FL Welcome Students from Puerto Rico

The Helios Education Foundation is working with the CFEF to provide $100,000 for student-centered support in 16 school districts with 100 or more new students from Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands or with evacuee enrollment representing an increase of .25% of total regular student population.  Helios supports education initiatives in Arizona and Florida, from early grade success to postsecondary completion.  In addition to basic supply items, funds will be used for bi-lingual classroom resources, health-related needs, required items for career/technical certification and transportation.

“Our partnership with the Consortium of Florida Education Foundations is an impactful way to support educators, students and local communities,” said Charles Hokanson, Senior Vice President for Florida Community Engagement.

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The Actuarial Foundation Partners with CFEF for FL ‘Rebuild Math Classrooms’ Effort

The Chicago-based Actuarial Foundation activated their Rebuild Math Classrooms fundraising efforts in late 2017, inviting their member actuaries throughout the U.S. to contribute to hurricane relief efforts in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.  The $20,000 that is coming to Florida will be used for graphing calculators and other math resources for classrooms in nine hurricane-impacted school districts in Florida.

“We want to eliminate barriers for vulnerable students to be successful in advanced math classes,” said Mary Chance, president of the CFEF. “If your family experienced significant hurricane damage or had to move unexpectedly, buying a $100 calculator would likely not be your top priority.”

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Pennsylvania Students Provide Assistance

When Laurie Porter, Human Resources Generalist for the Chambersburg Area School District (CASD) in Pennsylvania, saw the devastation in Texas and Florida following hurricanes Harvey and Irma she knew that something had to be done.

“Instead of giving funds to national organizations, I wanted to see if we could impact a school directly, and show that we personally care,” said Porter.

The school district held “coin wars” at schools, with classes competing to see who could contribute the most spare change.  Students also asked for donations from the community at the annual homecoming parade and sporting events. Every school, from elementary through senior high, contributed to the relief fund. Coupled with donations from the community, the district raised more than $14,000.  The CFEF “matched” the new Pennsylvania partner with needs in three school districts, facilitating Florida’s share of the generosity of fellow students, teachers and school leaders.

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Joyce Bohl, Representative Bob Cartes, State Representative Eddie Charbonier

Joyce Bohl, The Actuarial Foundation with Florida Representative Bob Cortes and Puerto Rico State Representative Eddie Charbonier

Truck with supplies for evacuees

Education Foundation for Osceola County Distributes Supplies to Hurricane Maria Evacuees

Charles Hokanson, Representative Bob Cortes, State Representative Eddie Charbonier

Charles Hokanson, Helios Education Foundation with Florida Representative Bob Cortes and Puerto Rico State Representative Eddie Charbonier