Our History

In 1984, the Florida Legislature passed a law allowing school districts to create local education foundations to raise private funds for programs to support students, teachers and public schools in their respective districts.

To create a professional alliance for the burgeoning county-wide education foundations throughout the state, the Consortium of Florida Education Foundations was organized in 1987. Since that time, the CFEF has grown from a handful of members to 64 foundations.

Local education foundations have evolved since the beginning and today they range widely in size and scope to reflect the unique challenges of their public schools and the focus of their board and school system leaders. More established foundations in urban areas now have large staffs and boards raising millions annually for a variety of initiatives. In rural areas, local education foundations may be volunteer-driven and focused on a few targeted programs.

While today’s local education foundations may be as diverse as the landscape of Florida, what they all share in common is increasing businesses and community interest, involvement and investment in their public schools as a strategy for increasing student achievement.

The CFEF’s mission and scope have also grown over time. We have established fundraising opportunities that are used to raise the bar for K-12 development, initiated statewide and regional partnerships and secured State of Florida matching funds for private-sector donations to local education foundations. We also provide professional development opportunities for our members that allow them to share best practices and enhance their expertise in the field of nonprofit management.

As a 501(c)3 public non-profit corporation, the CFEF is guided by specific Bylaws and governed by an Executive Board of Directors. Membership in the CFEF is open to one established local education foundation affiliated with each pre-kindergarten through grade 12 county-wide public school district in Florida.